Somalia and the Ethiopian Invasion of Buuhoodle

Posted on 14/06/2010


Rather surprisingly, for all Somalis are familiar with this particular foe, it comes as a great shock to discover that the ancient enemy of the Somali people—the Abyssinian highlanders—are still capable of terrorizing the people of the Somali republic with impunity. By what authority does the Ethiopian army have the right to invade the Somali national territory in order to kill innocent Somali civilians as happened in Buuhoole, located in the Togdheer region of Somalia, on the 21st of May 2010? The Ethiopian army had massacred many unarmed and defenceless Somali people on that day, and the perpetrators of this ghastly crime must be made to account for their inhuman actions.

The invasion of Buuhoodle must be condemned in the strongest possible terms by all civilised people. All Somali people must learn to recognise this dangerous enemy at the gates. The perfidious Abyssinian highlanders are peerless with respect to their capacity for perpetrating the systematic killing of innocent Somali civilians; with the slitting the throats of sleeping Somali children; with the raping of Somali mothers in full view of their children; with the burning of entire Somali settlements. These are the age-old crimes of the Abyssinians: the invasion of Buuhoodle is but the latest episode in more than a century of Ethiopian abuses inside the Somali national territory.

Whilst any sane person, with a heart, would find it painful to contemplate the full ramifications of the recent Ethiopian invasion of Buuhoodle, the so-called internal security minister of the Puntland State of Somalia—one General Yusuf Axmed ‘Kheyr’—went out of his way to apologise to the Ethiopian government after the Ethiopian army had killed and wounded scores of Somali civilians in Buuhoodle. This is something truly remarkable! Does not Mr. ‘Kheyr’ recognise that it is the entire Somali nation that requires, at the very least, an apology—from the scheming Abyssinian elite in Addis-Ababa—as a result of the carnage in Boohodle. Does not this foolish man recognise the fact that he is not required, either to provide an explanation for—nor to apologise for—the merciless killing of Somali nationals at the hands of the bloodthirsty Ethiopian army? Or is this man—General Yusuf Axmed ‘Kheyr’—merely a hired hand; a man who is employed to serve Abyssinian political masters? Is he a man who is more dedicated to the criminal political interests of his Abyssinian masters than he is to the legitimate national interests of the Somali people?

By invading the Buuhoodle settlement—in the Togdheer region of Somalia—the Abyssinian highlanders have committed an act of aggression, and any attempts, made by their many servants inside the Puntland State of Somalia administration, or anywhere else, to justify this act of aggression is an act of treason. The time has come for the cur dogs—who style themselves as the political elite of the Somali nation—inside the presidential palace of Garowe to publicly condemn the recent murders that had been perpetrated by the Ethiopian army on Somali soil. We must all learn to recognise the fact that Buuhoodle, and all other settlements inside the Somali national territory are currently being threatened by the rapacious and ferociously anti-Somali foreign policies of the Abyssinian dominated Ethiopian federation.

The time has come, for the Somali nation to resist this age-old Abyssinian impulse to kill Somali people in the prime of their lives: the time has come to remove the like of president Cabdiraxmaan M. ‘Faroole’ from a position of social responsibility on ground of gross negligence, and by the fact that he had been working hand-in-glove with the Abyssinian high command in Addis-Ababa since he assumed the presidency of the Puntland State autonomous region of Somalia. Such a man cannot claim to be acting on behalf of the people of Somalia, if he is simultaneously collaborating with the merciless Ethiopian security forces on a daily basis; the same Ethiopian security forces who had kill and maimed Somali civilians in Buuhoodle on the 21st of May 2010.



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