AU Should Occupy Somalia and Rule her for 50 years

Posted on 16/07/2010


By Jerry Okungu
Thursday, 15th July, 2010

If Somalia loves terrorism; if Somalia love Al-Qaeida that much; if the al-Shabaabs want to control Somalia, this region has two choices. We invade Somalia and drive these murderers into the sea just like Nyerere did with Idi Amin three decades ago. If that alternative cannot work, then let neighbouring countries do an Israeli act with Somalia.

Let us build a wall to seal off Somalia in the same way Israel has done with Gaza so that terrorists can be confined to Mogadishu where they can annihilate themselves for all we care.
For the two decades that Somalia has been lawless, Kenya has continued to treat its neighbour with kid gloves.

Are we being held hostage to barefoot gun-wielding terrorists next door? Why are we allowing this to happen this often? Are we that helpless as partner states of the East African Community?

The African Union must concede that Somalia is a failed state. The only way to deal with failed states in this era of international terrorism is to marshal international occupation force and rule that country for at least 50 years as terrorist elements are eliminated one by one.

The reason why I believe terrorists can be eliminated with time is informed by historical events. When Nazi Germany became a rogue state and terrorized the entire Europe, the combined allied forces defeated them and occupied Germany for nearly 50 years. Germany is now one of the most stable democracies in the world.

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