Puntland Should be Cautious About Its Repatriation Policy

Posted on 22/07/2010


Puntland needs to be careful about its new security measures resorting to collective deportation of internally displaced youth from the south.

Albeit there are serious security problems in Puntland, deportation of poor people from other regions is not an appropriate policy.  This policy reeks of prejudice and discrimination that violates the intrinsic rights of Somali citizens.  Since Puntland is an administration that supports the sovereignty of Somalia, it should protect the mobility rights of all Somali citizens, the right to move, reside and seek the gaining of livelihood in any region of the citizen’s choice.  Those rights are balanced with responsibilities. All citizens should abide by the rules and laws of the state.  Those who offend the law should face proper and stringent actions.   

Abdirahaman Alas
Thursday, July 22, 2010

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