Somaliland: Rethinking of viability of separatist politics

Posted on 19/09/2010


I frequently look at my little two year old beloved son struggling with recitation of a song hailing secessionism (Somaliland dalkayga) due to the influence of local media. Tactfully, trying to put Somali nationalist song into his mouth while playing him, I fail and my efforts end in vain, because I very often find him chanting Somaliland dalkayga in the following day unexpectedly. It is a scene portraying how separatism is progressively becoming deep rooted culture in children and young generations. At the back of my mind I wonder when Somali children will chant songs about Somalia unity and be taught in schools about contemporary civil war and disintegration of State territory as a past history. It is a sad fact of life that a great segment of the population has already been indoctrinated with such secessionist ideology.

Nonetheless, there seems to be a glimpse of hope as a quite number of elites are of the conviction that what matters a lot and ought to be conceived as a sacred unassailable aspiration is to have a system under which rights and freedoms of the society are protected irrespective of its name and form. To them Somaliland as a sovereign state is merely one of the possible options including reunification with the South in the form of federal system anchored on democratic principles and rule of law.

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