Somalia Becomes 14 State that’s Final Destination for Federal Republic of Somalia

Posted on 21/09/2010


 The deeds of anarchy are further unraveling in Somalia. There is the temptation for every region in Somalia to go it alone and pursue a path similar to Somaliland and Puntland. But the question is: What will become of Somalia if every region becomes a state? It will be disastrous for Somalia and the “states” themselves because the world has no interest in the emergence of 14 states out of the 14 regions of Somalia.

On 22 August 2010 we came to know the development of a group of Somalis who gathered in Nairobi to appoint a new President of a new state out of the Hiiraan region of Somalia. As it happened, no sooner did the group in Nairobi declare the appointment of a new President for Hiiraan two more individuals have also appointed themselves to the same role.

Going into the 20th year of statelessness, one does not stop to wonder why Somalia had gone through what it went through and why extremists who do not practice the Islam of moderation which existed in Somalia for over a thousand years. Probably the reason behind extremist movements in Somalia such as Shabab which do not spare the remains of the dead let alone the living is to hold the country together until the day when the arrival of the leadership and government which can make all our people in different regions to live together in peace and security.

Some may argue why anyone should deny them a path similar to Puntland and Somaliland. Firstly, Somaliland and Puntland have gone the path they have embarked on in the 1990s at a time when no one else was fighting over the territories they administer. Secondly, the regions of a one-people nation such as Somalia to one after another declare themselves separate statehood is to complicate matters and serve anarchy.

The establishment of separate states within any country is appropriate where there are different nationalities such as the Federal Republic of Somalia. It does not make sense for the regions of Somalia inhabited by one ethnic Somalis to one after another declare themselves a separate statehood.

After Hiiraan, the Bay State of which Baidabo is its capital could declare itself state. Juba land and everybody else could follow suit. Somalia is a small nation of 10 million and the nation will suffer further if every region goes its separate way. What is desperately needed is to find a way to end statelessness and anarchy in Somalia rather than regions of Somalia pursuing recognition as separate entities.

Anyone who hates our nation will be thrilled to see the regions of Somalia one after another declaring themselves as separate states on their own. We should discourage the temptation of every region in Somalia becoming a separate state. The people of Hiiraan were not wrong to wait Somalia for 20 years to sort herself out. However, today, there are three factions Al-Shabab, Hiszbul Islam, and Ahlu Sunnah fighting over the control of Hiiraan and it makes no sense to declare the region a separate state. Those who fight over its control would neither allow it nor is it feasible anyone outside the extremists to administer it as a separate state.

Because of 20 years of statelessness we have become superficial similar to thrill seekers. Let it be known that in Somalia there is only one state and that is the State of Somalia! The people of Hiiraan should discourage fuelling the ambition of individuals who did not bother to serve their people when the region was at peace. The people of Hiiraan should work with other Somalis to resolve the crises of the nation. That way the common destiny the people of Hiiraan had waited for so long could be arrived at faster. However, if every region vies a separate statehood, Somalia shall cease to exist and the separate states shall follow. Our people from different regions should be careful not to unleash something which could kill off fragile Somalia for good.

by Mohamed Faray
Monday, September 20, 2010


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