Five Somali men no longer terrorism suspects: Netherlands

Posted on 27/12/2010


THE HAGUE (AFP) — Dutch prosecutors said Sunday that five of 12 Somali men arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities were no longer considered suspects.  

The 12 were arrested in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam late Friday following a tip-off from Dutch intelligence that a number of Somalis were planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the Netherlands.

Five of the group “are no longer suspected of involvement in terrorist activities,” the Netherlands prosecution service said in a statement, adding that two of the men, aged 32 and 40, were in possession of valid Dutch residency permits and were released.

The three others — two men aged 30 and 40 with Danish residency permits and one 36-year-old man without a valid residency permit — were handed over to Dutch immigration police, the statement said.

“The police investigation did not show that they participated in punishable crimes,” prosecutors said.

The seven other suspects were to remain in detention until at least Monday, the statement said, when prosecutors would decide whether to request an extension of their detentions.

Source: AFP