Sixth Somalian ‘terror’ suspect released

Posted on 28/12/2010


A sixth person arrested in the Netherlands on Friday on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack has been released without charges. According to the Public Prosecution Office, the 32-year-old Somalia is no longer a suspect.

There are now six Somalians left in custody out of the 12 arrested on Friday, the PPO will decide on Tuesday whether or not to extend their detentions.

The man who was released today, is pleased to be free but outraged that he was arrested in the first place, according to his lawyer. He intends to claim compensation along with the other five who were released on Sunday. They are also demanding an investigation into the procedures that led to their arrests.
The 12 Somalians were arrested in Rotterdam on Friday on the basis of information from the Dutch intelligence agency the AIVD. The intelligence agency believed they were planning terrorist activities and feared imminent attacks.

However, police officers who searched their homes found no weapons or explosives. The AIVD admits it had no information on a possible target. The arrests were meant to prevent a possible attack.
Five of the Somalians were released on Sunday and are no longer suspects. Three of them were handed over to the alien police.

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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