Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution Rejects Extension of Government Term

Posted on 28/03/2011


The Somali Parliamentary Committee on Constitution and Federal affairs has opposed the one year extension of the tenure of the current Interim Federal government of Somalia, with the chairman of the committee describing it as a move to scuttle the parliament’s extension of term in February this year.

Sheikh Jama Haji Hussein, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitution and Federal Affairs,  told the media Monday, that the extension of the tenure of the Transitional Federal Government came too late and was supposed to have been made before the parliament  had passed its own extension of term.

” I think this late  decision by the government to extend its tenure of office is misguided because it seems the government intends to use this move to invalidate the parliament’s recent extension of tenure,” said Sheikh Jama.

Moreover, the Parliamentary Committee on Constitution and Federal Affairs said that it had  asked the government   to submit its plan early this year , with no feedback from the government side on this, prompting the parliament to make its decision to extend its term by three more years.

” The government is required to make sure that it finishes its work before August this year when its tenure of office comes to an end, but should not make itself busy with work that does not fall under its mandate”, added the chairman.

Mr Sheikh Jama told reporters that the Somali parliament was ready to assist the government complete its work  in time before the August 2011 deadline.

” It is good to follow the constitution of our country both in spirit and letter, but should not be used to please personal interests. The government should accept the parliament’s earlier decision”, said Seikh Jama who also added that the parliament would go a head with the election it had earlier called for.

Finally, the chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Constitution and Federal Affairs called on  the Somali president and Speaker of parliament should  follow the constitution when he was asked about the dispute between the two most senior leaders in the country..

Monday 28, March,2011

Source: Hiiraan online

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