The Upcoming Celebration of The Division of A Unified Somalia

Posted on 18/05/2011


It is of great disappointment to myself and the nation of Somalia as a whole to hear of such a dispatriotic act. Once again Somaliland has managed to rear its ugly heads and stun the Somali populous all over the world by marking a day of celebration for the dismantling of a great nation already at its knees due to similar actions. These actions will not only stun Somalis within the country and diaspora but will have long term affects on the hearts and minds of Somali generations to come.

We as a Somali people disaprove of these disgraceful events in its entirety and are greatly saddened to see these events unfold. Somalia is one unified country regardless of the hardships we face today. Somalis of all clans and tribes suffer today and are victims of the trials and tribulations facing our once great nation. No Somali regardless of tribe or status should accept such an immoral and foolish  idea as tearing apart our beautiful country.

This idea of dismantling our country will only bring about weakening our nation and our people. To support ones own demise would be ludacris and unimagineable in anyones opinion. This celebration is no more then an attempt to place the final nail in the coffin of Somalia. A country once a military might in the Horn of Africa and much of Africa. A country that stood up to super powers and was never a stooge for any foreign government. A country to lead on of the longest rebellions against colonial powers. A country where people were considered extremely prideful and willing to take whats theirs no matter the odds. That country today has developed a cancer of sorts eating away at the foundation of Somali society and threatening the Somali people as a whole.

The North Western region of our great and beautiful nation that belongs to all Somalis as does the rest of Somalia will gain nothing from leaving their brethren. Those who dream of seperating from their brothers and seek the acceptance of foreign nations fail to realize their place as a necessary factor in restoring Somalia. Acceptance by foreign governments who care nothing for the Somali people but their own interests is a foolish dream. No foreign power will come to aid or rescue a people unless they see their own benefit in doing so. The North Western region of Somalia should be dreaming about restoring Somalia’s greatness with their brothers so foreign nations can come to our negotiating table and barter with us at our terms. Rather it seems our brothers in that region have chosen to crawl to those nations and that will only result in the exploitation of our land and resources.   

Today they should be the ones attempting to stabilize the nation with the rest of their brothers and sister, not commiting acts of aggression against their brothers in a bid to gain more territory and resources. Somalis will only achieve success when they come to realize that path, and that path is to unify and remove those who use our soil and youth for their own agenda. To remove those who have caused undescribable pain to Somali mothers. Those who lead our youth to die for fictious causes no matter whether if its taking place in the South or North. The poor somali civilians are those subject to live under these conditions and witness the lose of loved ones for senseless wars carried out by those who promise us things they can never bring.

Unfortunately our brothers seem relentless at leaving us and crawling to those who once attempted to opress our people and came with nothing short of aggression. Those who dreamed of breaking the Somali spirit and taking our beloved country. Those who continue to feed the chaos in Somalia through funding and at times military aggression. Why anyone would want to abandon their brothers at a time of need, a time when unification and guiding each other through these dark times, is beyond my comprehension. I only pray that those taking part in the celebration of our own destruction and demise think twice and reason with themselves. To come to their senses and snap out of this ill thought fantasy and the detrimental effects it will have on our children. They should know that these events will be the ones denying their children and our children the chance to enjoy the once beautiful and powerful country we enjoyed in our youths.

By: Khalid Said
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Source: Hiiraan online