Diaspora influence worries Somali MP

Posted on 21/05/2011


A member of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Parliament is concerned about the strong influence the diaspora are exerting on the country’s politics.

Talking to Shabelle, a broadcaster in Mogadishu on Thursday, Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade, who is also a former Agriculture minister, accused the diaspora Somalis of serving foreign interests.

He claimed that they were behind the creation of over 100 mini regional authorities in the country, a development, he noted, was further dividing the war-ravaged country.

“The diaspora are worse than the radical Islamists,” stressed the MP.

“After the defeat of al-Shabaab (the feared Islamist group opposing the Transitional Federal Government), the diaspora will be the next troublemakers,” he added.

“I warn you to get ready to fight the diaspora,” Mr Habsade said.

He added that those returning from abroad were only busy creating small authorities, adding fuel to the political confusion in Somalia.

National unity

Mr Habsade, a former faction leader and militia commander in the 1990s and 2000s in Bay and Bakol regions, southwest of Mogadishu, expressed concerned that the Somalis returning from outside were reversing the gains that the country had made.

Source: Africa Review

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