The Somali Awakening: Abolish the TFG & TFP

Posted on 16/06/2011


The demonstrations of the past few days in Mogadishu and different parts in the world have exposed the power and the will of the ordinary Somalis. In twenty years, it is the first time that genuine aspiration towards peace has manifested itself in the people, free from methodological and false political pretenses. This phenomenon came into realization due to three spontaneous reasons; firstly, twenty years of affliction and carnage have finally reached its limit and so the time came where it became simply unbearable to remain quiet due to fear ; secondly, the Government of Prime Minister Farmajo has created hope for revival of an accountable government system; thirdly, the North Africa & Middle East uprisingsthat toppled the autocratic regimes have given confidence to the masses and encouraged them to confront their inept and corrupted leaders, like the two Shariifs.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the news of the so called “Kampala Accord” that filtered to the media that the Farmajo government’s forceful resignationwas imminent, but the people had finally realized that the international community, AU, Mahiga, and the two Shariifs have conspired too long against the interest and wellbeing of their suffering nation. Consequently, widespread demonstrations broke out condemning the Kampala Accord and its stipulations and reiterating support for Farmajo to stay on and continue his leadership. The public has finallybecome aware that for years their hopes and aspirations for peace and security were consistently being extinguished by deceitful foreign & national entities.

Farmajo’s short stint at the helm of a competent cabinet laid the cornerstone of a small effective national army force – training & stipends were provided that allowed the military to fight courageously with Al-shabaab and now a complete defeat of the insurgency and Mogadishu’s return to glory seems a possibility. Certainly the other insurgent-held regions of Somalia will soon be pacified. AMISON has played an important role in securing the Airport, sea port and the Government residences. Seventy percent of Mogadishu’s inhabitants reside in the area controlled by AMISON &the Somali forces.

In order to reconstruct the crumbled state, the first step to take is to rebuild the army, so that the rule of law can be reconstituted and our national sovereignty can be restored. It is only then that other institutions of public service can be resurrected.

What are the obstacles?

  • Somali nationalists are a rare commodity these days and current opportunistic leaders are a product of 20 years of lawlessness, their intention is to loot the meager resources of the land, we’re already a country dependent on handouts.
  • The international community, neighboring countries, and regional organizations don’t have Somali’s interest at heart. The agony and destruction of our people is something they want to prolong, so that they can constantly take advantage of the precarious state of affairs.
  • The Alshabaab terrorists and their ilk are bent on destroying the country’s social fabric,wreaking havoc, and opposing the re-invention of a Somali State.  Many years of civil strife and famine set off by the warlords, followed by Alshabaab’s barbaric dismemberment have takenits toll on many Somalis, who have become both physically and mentally displaced by never ending war.
  • All public institutions such as health and educational services were destroyed – two generations of Somalis are at the verge of extinction.

Is there a way to remedy the current impasse and resolve the intractable problems of our country? I have spent a lot of time debating with my fellow friends and the following is a blueprint for immediate resolution:

Disband the Parliament & the Government

When I watched the Universal TV and saw the outrage of the demonstrators, I was carried away by emotion and felt the determination and the resolve of Somalis in different places around the world. They want to die for their principles and defend their rights – no longer a silent majority; they are ready to take their destiny into their own hands. They all overwhelmingly agree in getting rid of the 550 parliamentarians and the two Sharifs– they are the divisive and destructive forces hindering the progress towards reconciliation and good governance.

Emergency law:  the Somali army takes over the country for a period of one year

A commission of five senior Somali officers will oversee the transitional period and will nominate the Government of Prime Minister Farmaajo as “caretaker”.  The commission will delegate to the caretaker government the responsibility of drafting a new constitution, organizing parliamentary and presidential elections, and liberating the country from the stranglehold of Alshabaab.We know the Somali army is in its infancy, but it’s the only institution that has proved its relevance for the last six months and with the help of the peace-keeping force are in the position to continue the fighting with Alshabaab, and maintain safety in most parts of Mogadishu and its surrounding areas.

Federalism vs. Unitary

Somalia doesn’t need to be a Federal country; we have seen the so-called federal states that have sprung up like weeds. We are a small and homogenous society; therefore, a decentralized unitary state is the most viable option for our current circumstances. A 4.5 is another backward and disruptive process that deserves to be trashed out.

It is time that we chart our destiny and free ourselves from all the colonial vestiges and be a sovereign nation, self reliant and independent from regional and international meddling.

Source: Hiiraan Online

By Abdisalam M Garjeex
Tuesday, June 14, 2011