Puntland Government Welcomes Ethiopia Intervention in South-Central Somalia

Posted on 02/01/2012


Puntland State of Somalia

01 January 2012

Puntland Government Welcomes Ethiopia Intervention in South-Central Somalia

The Government of Puntland State of Somalia welcomes the Ethiopian military intervention in parts of south-central Somalia to bolster the ongoing Somali-led military campaign to remove Al Shabaab terrorists from all regions of Somalia.

Ethiopia’s intervention is in line with the request of the regional bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), noted in a November 2011 Communiqué calling upon Ethiopia “to support the Kenyan-TFG and AMISOM operation” to help stabilize Somalia.

Puntland Government welcomes the Ethiopian intervention in support of Somali forces engaged in liberating the central regions bordering Ethiopia and Puntland State from Al Shabaab terrorist group and their foreign fighter allies.

Furthermore, the Ethiopian intervention is part of a wider campaign led by Somali stakeholders -TFG, Puntland State, Ahlu Sunna group, and local communities in southcentral regions – and backed by the African Union and Kenya.

Puntland Government does not see the Ethiopian military intervention as a violation of Somali sovereignty, as the security interest of the whole IGAD region is inter-connected.

As terrorist groups pose a great threat to the peace, security and stability of Somalia and the wider region, it remains vitally important to implement a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to eliminate the terrorist threat in the whole region.

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Source: Garowe Online