Kenyan air strikes kill 5 children

Posted on 16/01/2012


At least 7 people have died 5 of those being children after air strikes in the town of Jilib in southern Somalia, Radio Garowe reports.

Mohamud Dahir who is the nephew of Abdullahi Mualim a former government official, who spoke to BBC said that Abdullahi Mualim’s house was hit as he and his wife were away from the home, 5 of his children were killed after his house was shelled repeatedly.

At least four other children were injured in the bombardment; local sources say that the Kenyan air force shelled the town more than 12 times earlier Sunday.

The Kenyan military in a coordinated effort with the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) have been fighting Al Shabaab in southern Somalia since October. Since then the Kenyan military have heavily relied on air support to fight Al Shabaab.

Jilib which is an Al Shabaab controlled town has been shelled before by the Kenyan air force, inOctober air strikes from the Kenyan military killed 14 after an IDP camp was shelled.

Neither the Kenyan military nor Al Shabaab released statements on the air strikes.

Source Garowe Online 15.01.2012