London Somalia Conference – Hypocrisy of Democracy?

Posted on 29/02/2012


The London Somalia conference held in Lancaster House, UK on 23rd Feb, is another example of hypocrisy of democracies. It shows how the torchbearers of democracy, are eager to impose models based on their own vested interests on foreign lands.The same Lancaster House, hosted two years back the ‘London Afghanistan Conference’, in which the UK government proposed its plans for stability in Afghanistan, in order to minimize threats to UK. However, to date Afghanistan is a country suffering due to occupation, where the native population is not only subjected to physical occupation but also their beliefs are ridiculed and insulted so often.

The Conference’s promises to bring stability in Somalia rung hollow, because these same imperial countries have brought havoc in Somalia. The US continues its drone attacks on Somalia, with over 20 attacks since 2007. Also both US and UK supported & armed Ethiopia’s attack in 2006, when the Islamic Courts Union, had brought peace and stability in Somalia after decades of unrest. This clearly shows that both UK and US have vested interest in the region and are least concerned with the stability and safety of the civilians in Somalia. These interests are mainly due to the strategic location of Somalia, as the land overlooks vital maritime routes, possesses untapped resource and has second longest coastline in Africa – all of this which the capitalist states want to control, and it seeks to do so by subjugating people into accepting political-economic models crafted and exported from the west.

The past 20 years, show that all attempts to impose solutions on Somalia – from Western capitals – have failed. The only viable solution for the people of Somalia, is to implement a system that emanates from the ideology of its masses. A Caliphate, will be able to put people before profits, remove foreign intervention in Somalia, and utilize its resources for the people, instead of auctioning them to imperial powers. By establishing Caliphate, Somalia can usher once again an era of peace and stability, that will liberate people from poverty and oppression, and put the horn of Africa on a path of development and prosperity.

Sources: KashmirWatch-By Sharique Naeem-24.02.2012